Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Everything's awesome!

Zachary Royden Hill
to me

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hey dad.
so that's sounds like a pretty crazy week you've had going on. i hope things are getting better with your sickness. anyways, my week was pretty good. i got back from singapore safely. we were pretty busy trying to get all our people to church and it turned out well. we had 72 people total at church, which was awesome. 27 were investigators, which is pretty crazy. lots of people wanting to learn. so we should have a few baptisms this week. some actually just a few hours from now hopefully. i'm excited. the people getting baptized today are the mother and sister of the 21 year old guy we baptized back in march. so that's pretty cool. and also there are 2 teenage boys whose father should be baptized in the coming weeks. they have been coming to church faithfully for months and we're trying to use their baptism to excite the father so he'll quit smoking. they're pretty awesome. on sunday, hopefully we'll baptize a man named clement that i've talked about a time or two. he's awesome. loves to have us over and learn. so he and his wife should be baptized. it's nice to get a family all at once. their kids are all young, so they'll be able to grow up in the gospel.

We had been teaching a man and his family for a few weeks and they had been really struggling to learn and come to church. We were feeling like we might have to drop them as investigators so we gave them a lesson about who God and Jesus Christ really are, and that to show Them we love them we need to go to church and worship. It really worked, and now they have been to church 2 weeks in a row. sweet!

Also, we had been working with a man for quite a while who had never been Christian before, but is a very good investigator when it comes to learning. He likes hearing new things and actually studies and learns what we teach him. The past few weeks he had really been struggling with smoking. He was even to the point where he didn’t have a desire to quit, I think mostly because he didn’t think he could. So we asked him to pray for help right there, and we fasted for him. Now he is doing much better. He said he hasn’t smoked for a few days and doesn’t really want to anymore.

We just got a new group leader, and he is doing well. He seems pretty excited to help us out with missionary work when he can. he's a good man. so that's pretty all that went on in my week. next week we should have some baptisms as well, but we'll see what goes on next week. you never know what can happen in malaysia.

anyways, i gotta run. love you dad. take care of yourself and mom.

love, zac

Zachary Royden Hill
to me

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hey mom, dont worry about the letter not coming. i really like getting pictures, so if you want, you can just send multiple emails so i can get all the ones that you want to send. or, if you want, you can edit the pictures and resize them to like 30% of their usual size, which makes the file smaller so it's easier to send. you can still see it fine, but it's easier for over email. that's what i do with my pics.

i'm sorry i'm not looking my best in that baptism pic. it's intentional tho. i gotta do something to keep these ladies off of me. just kidding. my eyes just hurt a little bit. i'll try to look extra nice in the next baptism pic i send. i'm just not very photogenic, you know what i'm saying? but yeah, i've been having a good time. it's surprising how much the group is growing. there's just more growth in the future. you never know when i'll get transferred, but i'm glad to have had this opportunity to serve in sibu jaya. it's an aweosme place, even if it is tiny. the aerial photo i sent is actually of sibu jaya, in case i forgot to mention last week. so you can see for yourself how small it is. that's where the magic happens. i'm sorry i dont have any pics this week. just not been much going on that i want to take pics of. when did you get this sandbox? where did you get it? sound slike fun for the kids. it's good that youve been enjoying them around. i hope things have been going well.

so elder lang and i go to the church and clean on saturdays and when we got there, we found out there was no power. we went down the stairs and found out that the power box had been hit with something and it severed the cord. it was pretty nuts. unfortunately there are no phonebooks or electrical stores in sibu jaya so we had to go around to different places and ask if there was someone who could fix electrical problems. we got the phone number for some random guy and he came and fixed it. that was kind of crazy but easily fixed. also, there have been a few yelling fights here in the flats between drunk people. i imagine living in the flats here in sibu jaya would be a pretty crazy experience. you cant keep anything private. but it's been fun. oh yeah, there was one thing i forgot to write about. so tomorrow we should baptize this 17 year old girl we've been teaching for a while who is the sister of a lady we baptized in march. she lives here on the weekends. anywyas, the sisters tracted into her mother, and the mother had been going to church and wants to be baptized now. the girl we've been teaching was pretty strong catholic and even tho she believed the story of joseph smith was hesitant to be baptized, but with her mothers interest and us still teaching, she has finally decided to be baptized, which is pretty sweet.

so that's all i have for the week. i'm sorry it's short. i always say that. sometime i'll write better emails somehow. anyways, i love you. take care of yourself and talk to you next week.

love zac

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