Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I can't believe you broke your toe!

hey ma
so i can't believe you sent me an email that says you broke your toe, and you didnt give any more information than that. now i have to wait a whole week to find out about your crazy antics. anyways, before i forget, i was wondering if you could email me a few recipes that are easy to make. we have been having a few recent converts and investigators insisting that we cook for them so they can taste what "american" food is like. we already promised a family that we would cook for them after their baptism on july 17. maybe it was wrong of us. but i was thinking maybe you could send me jared's chicken spaghetti thing recipe that i love so much. that would be awesome. anything else that you can think that doesnt have too crazy of ingredients would be good. sometimes things are tough to find, you know?
anyways, speaking of the work here, yeah it's going pretty well. last sunday we got 76 people at church, which is still a record for us. we're hoping for 80 next week. and we'll take it from there. it was pretty crazy because a month or so ago, we got a referral from a lady- her friend and her friend's teenage brother. so we've been working with them and they are pretty awesome. so a few weeks ago, we had youth conference for all the people in sibu. we invited the teenage brother, and he invited his friends. last sunday he brought 8 friends to church. it was pretty crazy. so we're trying to work through them to get at their families. there's not much else you can do with a teenager anyways. haha. some of them already aren't looking to good, but we've got high hopes for the rest. there are some kids who seem pretty interested in learning.
last week we had a few baptisms that were pretty awesome. all of them were referrals, so it was pretty exciting. on sunday, we baptized this lady who is the sister in law of the man and wife we baptized last week. she had been learning with them and going to church, but just didnt believe the joseph smith story. she went out of town, and when she came back she said she had received an answer and wanted to be baptized that sunday. her testimony at the baptism was pretty awesome. she gets up and says she wanted to join the church because she prayed and knew that it was true. then she sat down. i was impressed at the change she's had. we originally thought that her husband was going to be working off shore a few weeks ago, but that hasnt happen yet, so we're going to start focusing on her husband.the cool part about that baptism was we got to have her brother in law baptize her. he was pretty nervous but he did well.
it seems like this next week there wont be any baptisms. but next month should be full of baptisms after that. we'll see how the people prepare themselves. luckily lately we've been having lots of members thinking of their friends.l we've got some referrals in the works, so september is also looking promising. just yesterday, we got this referral from a 15 year old kid (masam's son). he said while he was in class this kid asked him out of no where about how to find the true church. and masam's son happened to have the joseph smith pamphlet on him. so the kid read the pamphlet and i guess had some sort of dream that made it so he wants to learn about the church. the only explanation they gave of the dream was that there was some sort of light. but i thought that was pretty cool. we'll hopefully meet with that kid tomorrow and then his family.
there was also another pretty cool experience we had. we had a potential investigator that we called like a month or more ago. at that time, he had asked us to come up to the house he was at. when we got there, there were like 20 people al sitting and staring at us. i guess there was a woman who lived there that was pretty sick. they all said they were of different religious and didnt want to hear what we had to say, but wanted us to pray for the sick woman. so we prayed, told them they needed to have faith that our prayer would have effect, and left. so that potential investigator never panned out to be anything, but the sick lady is the neighbor a few houses down from one of our recent converts who is the best at talking to people about church. the sick lady i guess is healthy now, and now wants to learn about the church. we met with her the other day. she seemed good, and wants to go to church on sunday. so we'll take it from there. anyways, that's pretty much all that happened in my week. i love you mom. hope that toe gets better. take care of yourself from now on. haha.
love, zac

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