Thursday, June 3, 2010

have you seen a pig run around without a head?

hey ma
malaysia is doing well. it's still pretty hot and still getting a lot of rain. i'll try to send more pics next week. gawai was this week and it was pretty crazy. the first day we went around in our area and we ate at investigators and members houses. they fed us until we couldnt eat anymore, and then we ate some more. holy moly i thought i was gonna die. but it was fun. we went to the flats and they had a pretty big party we stayed for. everyone was excited and startled to have a white guy come. lots of people drinking which was a little strange. not that great for missionary work, but what can you do. anyways, we had zone conference so we went into town and had interviews and on that, but on our all day p day we went to a long house and ate some more. we also saw a live pig get beheaded. i dont know if that's iban tradition or what but it was pretty gruesome. you know, you always hear about the chickens running around without heads, but have you seen a pig run around without a head? well it didnt actually run around, but it looked like mesh when he's running in his sleep. i'm sorry if you dont want to hear about that, but it was one of the main events of my week. how often do missionaries get to see that on their missions? the long house was huge. 40 doors. there's like a big hallway in the middle and from one end you could barely see the other. they also have this tiny palm tree that they cut down and bring inside and hang all these drinks and things to eat all over it and people dance around the tree and cut things off of it. and eventually they chop all the leaves off and cut it down. i'm not quite sure what that's all about but it's pretty cool. anyways, yeah lots of people have been out of town, so proselyting has been a little slow, but we've still got some good things going on. hopefully at the end of the month we'll have a good amount of baptisms. that one last week went well. again hope pictures will be there next week. anyways, i'm sorry this is so short, but we dont have a lot of time. i'll have to finish my ramblings next week.
love, zac

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