Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So this last week, we had some awesome people get baptized

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Hey dad. things are going well here in sibu jaya. so this last week, we had some awesome people get baptized, which was pretty sweet. i went to send you pictures, but the computer here is crappy and wont read my camera, so maybe next week. there were two teenage boys whose baptism will hopefully excite their father and brother into quitting smoking all the way to prepare for their own baptisms next month. they are really faithful at going to church. their dad has a pretty sweet name: masam, which means sour in malay. i'm thinking of this name for my first son. haha. we also got the mother and sisters of a 21 year old dude we baptized back in march. and the sister of a lady we baptized in march. she had been really struggling with the decision to be baptized, but then she was at her moms house and the sisters in sibu knocked into them. the mom should also be baptized next month (by the sisters). the coolest part is we got a family. yeah! a man and his wife. (their kids are all under 8, so they'll grow up in the gospel) the man is pretty good, and hopefully in a few months can get the Melchizidek priesthood. it's crazy starting a new group, because you know the people that you baptize are going to have to be the leadership in the future. missionary work is pretty crazy. and we've been getting a good amount of referrals lately. teaching members' friends and family. which is good because it makes the group just a group of friends. everyone can support each other.

we also found out that masams father lives close, and that when he was younger he used to be a warrior. they said he's taken japanese heads, as well as people of various other tribes in borneo. he's pretty devout catholic now, but we're hoping to baptize a head hunter. so the husband and wife that got baptized have a sister in law that lives with them. we taught her along the the others, but she didnt believe that the church had been restored. so we were over there on monday asking how things were, and she said she had gotten an answer from when she was praying. we asked if she wanted to be baptized. she said "yeah, this sunday" that was the shortest notice for a baptism i've had. but it was pretty sweet. school is finally back in session here after their break for gawai, so pretty much everyone is back in town, which is nice. so hopefully all the referrals we've had floating out there will be contacted soon. i'm pretty excited to be out here. lots of fun experiences. i think it's the craziest opportunity to be a missionary, because you just meet people all day.all kinds of different people. i remember being so scared when i first got out, but life is good now. i hope things are going well at home. how's that summer break? anything good going on? any crazy changes? how's the ward doing? how are the other missionaries of our ward doing? if there's anything going on, i'd love to hear about it. we've been hearing a lot about soccer lately since the world cup is going on right now. for the first time in my life, i've been mildly interested in soccer. but that's pretty much the most exciting worldly thing we have going on right now. so, that's pretty much all that i have right now. i'll talk to you guys next week.


hey mom. i don't know if your email got returned again, but i figured i'd still write and say hello. i remember back when i was in america hearing sister peay complain about terrans emails, i always wonder why you wouldnt send that great of emails to your family. but i soon came to realize, writing letters as a missionary is hard. you dont have much to say because you do the same thing every day. the only that changes is the investigators. i dont mean to excuse myself for writing crummy emails.

so this past week has been good. still teaching some good people. i really love the people here. it's just so easy to be friends with them. i've gotten a lot more talkative on the mission. most people like to be friends with us, or are interested in what we are doing. this morning while waiting for the email place to open, this dude comes up and starts talking to us. most people try out their english. he did a little but also spoke malay. and then for some reason he was surprised when we spoke malay back. he kept turning to his friends to tell them we could speak malay.

so did you have fun with brit and matt? how is work going for you? let me know all of what youve got going on. anyways, i'm running out of time so i'll have to get outta here. i love you mom. talk to you next week,

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