Wednesday, August 11, 2010

best pday of my mission

hey dad & mom
yeah this week was actually pretty awesome. well, no matter really how the week goes, if you have a good sunday, you had a good week. so we've been meeting with a lot of people and teaching them. an unfortunate fact about this week was that pretty much all our appointments and back up plans fell through so we really struggled to find people that could meet when we had time. and then when we didnt have time all the people wanted to meet. kind of annoying, but what can you do. we have been getting a ton of young men in the branch, so we've been making good use of them and going out on splits a lot. some of them are getting pretty good at teaching too. i wish the missionaries would have had me teach more before i can out. even when i went with them, i just sat there and didnt do anything. but that's enough grumbling i guess. anyways, this week we caught a break. we had the family of that lady who was miraculously healed get baptized. and the best part is that her husband had gone to go work far away, but somehow wasnt supposed to work so he came back and was able to get baptized with his family. doing the whole thing together is so much better. and it looks like he should be here this sunday as well to get the priesthood. things are going well. then last wednesday we had a lady named suzyline get baptized. she's awesome. we had her younger borther donny (who was the first male in sibu jaya baptized) baptize her. well, there's the baptisms. we topped the week off with a really awesome p day. we went to the kampung of a lady in the branch that was a ways away. we saw this crazy monkey that they had in a cage and went fishing in the river and had a bbq. best pday of my mission. well, it was pretty much the first time ive done anything besides sleep. we caught a prawn and a tiny fish. but we cook them both. everyone was looking at us because we were white and were pretty impressed when i busted out my crappy iban skills. it was awesome. one of the ladies gave us some cloth that she had made and told us to use it to remember her. she was the mother of the member that brought us there. funfun. anyways, in other news. i'm getting transferred so i hear. back to kuching. you really never know the way things will go, but i'm pretty excited. so next time i write i should be there already. i'll be sad to leave sibu jaya. there's some good families that i won't have quite made it to see baptized (i dont know if that sentence makes any sense to you guys) but you just gotta takes things the way they come to you, you know? this weekend i'm going to have snuck two baptisms in for just before i leave. a man who is pretty good named kennedy who is like 21 and his wife. they are neighbors of some members. so that should be pretty good. i'm sorry i haven't sent pictures in a while. i dont have much time to write since we had such an awesome pday, which means pictures of it and other things will have to wait. anyways, that's all i can think of now in my rushed condition, so i wish you guys the best. have fune and take care.
love, zac

hey mom.
it's me again. i kind of wrote everything i had to write to dad, so i hope you read his email to. but i figured i'd write you as well to reply to whatever you wrote to me and so you'd have a new email in your box. the baptisms went through. that family is awesome. so far this week has gone well too because the mother of the family that got baptized has been helping us. she gave us some referrals who seem to be doing really well. they all live in the same block. it's like 6 families out of one flat of apartments, which is pretty crazy. the block is exploding right now, which hopefully brings more attention and later success in that flat. they all seem to help each other to be excited. it's nice. speaking about pizza, i miss good old american pizza. they have a pizza hut here, but i live in a different town than the pizza hut. my comp did get sent cheese in a package so he shared some with me, which was nice. it was delicious. about this elder sorenson, maybe the memory is repressed, but i really am drawing a blank. i dont even remember eating any ice cream cones in the mtc! i dont know why i would repress or lose that. he was in the mtc in july or august? did he say he was in the same zone as me? i remember while i was there, there were some kids in my zone going to my home mission. it's pretty crazy that someone who remembers me is serving where you guys are now. i really wonder how i will feel about the heat when i go back home compared to the heat here. it'll be interesting to compare. anyways, that's all for the week. hopefully better news next week. love you mom. see ya.
love, zac

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