Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the best week of my mission

hey mom and dad
holy moly crazy week! this has been the best week of my mission. i dont even really have any time to write about it so im sorry you will get a condensed version that prolly leaves a lot of stuff out. anyways, right now i'm writing from singapore and they shortened our p day. thats why not much time. we just got back from really fun indoor soccer. we're here for a training on how better to follow the spirit as we teach and how to ask "inspired questions" its pretty crazy and weve been doing a lot of practice. every night we go out and work on what weve learned. just when i thought i was kind of getting good at missionary work the lord gives me a crazy training filled with lots of ways i can improve. it's good. i'm having lots of fun here and i can't wait to get to kuching. i will be in a different part of town than i was last time, so that's cool. who knows how long i'll be here, but it looks like a huge chunk of my mission will be in only two cities which i feel up to this point was kind of rare in this mission. i like it. i didnt have a good bye party, but i got pictures with people on my last sunday. i got some pretty cool bead trinkets that people made for me. included are 3 tissue box covers. one for the home car and office. i'm gonna miss the people i taught. but the coolest part of the week is the miracle my comp and i saw happen. the family that dropped us over coffee.. we kept meeting with them because the son got baptized and we were doing recent convert lessons with him. but we focused them all on the parents and just tried to build their faith in Christ and so before i left, i got to see them get baptized. one of the biggest heart aches and also biggest miracles ive seen. that saturday we had 13 people get baptized in one meeting, which is pretty crazy. right before the baptism we were still not quite sure who would show up, but everything worked out, which is a miracle in itself! i love being out here and i love you guys. i hope you dont mind i'm writing the both of you in one email my time is up and i gotsta skedaddle.
love, zac

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