Tuesday, August 3, 2010

next week, that's when the magic happens.

hey dad & mom

this week was pretty crappy, and i kind of dont have a lot to say. so i hope you dont mind that i'm writing both of you in one letter this week. so i'm excited that jake's kid was born. those pictures of her are cute. luckily the baby takes more after amanda than him, huh? just kidding,. dont tell him i said that. he'll beat me up. it's pretty crazy as well that nate is getting married soon. lots of stuff going on all close together. hard to be bored when it's like that. before you know it, school will be started again and all that fun stuff. sorry your date with mom had some obstacles. i figure satan has just been working extra hard this week to make people's lives crappy. sometimes i ask myself, if good will beat evil in the end, why can't it also beat evil in the beginning and middle too? anyways, next week is a new week. i'm sure it's gonna be filled with fun for you guys. so anything new for you guys at home? how's the summer? how's the broken toe? anything at all?

we did have a baptism this week. the indonesian lady's kids. she is still good. helps us teach quite frequently. she just got called as relief society president so that is good. it's nice that her family is joining. even her husband is interested. he works in another city so hopefully the missionaries there will get into contact with him soon and start teaching. that should be good. but that one family who didnt like the pasta i cooked.. well their baptism didnt happen. i dont feel like parading reasons or feelings or failures accross this email, so maybe i'll tell you about it after i get home if i remember. or if we can fix things i'll also let you know. but in the good news, we have another good family on the slate for baptism on sunday. they are awesome. it's a woman who we met while she was sick and who only wanted to learn after we prayed for her and she was healed. miracles, baby! she is faithful and has a good testimony. when they got interviewed, she was telling all her kids more or less something like this, "do you know what this means? you can't do bad things anymore. no smoking, drinking fighting ..etc" and telling them how important it was for them to be really good kids now that they are going to get baptized. i was impressed at her conviction. so i guess you can't win them all, but the Lord does give you a break when you need it. i'm feeling a good week next week.

transfers are also coming up. the strange thing is that we havent heard any rumors going around the mission. the assistants now are pretty tight lipped, so i'm guessing that's the reason. we'll see what goes on soon enough i guess. i guess also towards the end of aug all the missionaries are going to fly into singapore for a training, which sounds pretty fun. the entire mission together. hopefully we also have some activity like volleyball on the beach in stead of just training, but i guess that might be asking too much from the lord. i'll take what i can get.

anyways, i'm done rambling. next week. that's when the magic happens. and who knows, if i feel we're in a reliable internet cafe, i may even send pics.
love, zac

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