Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I dont really trust the internet cafes.

hey dad. i'm sorry about the lack of pics. i'm in a dilemma tho. the last memory card i used got something from one of the computers so some printing places cant read my card anymore. i dont really trust the internet cafes. i switched from my infected card to a new card, and i'm pretty afraid of infecting my new one. i may print some pics out and snail mail them to you. i havent quite decided how to approach this situation. when i do, you'll get some pics.

so yeah, i told you guys last week i was getting transferred. well, like i just wrote to mom, i mispoke and wont get to kuching until the 27th. in the meantime, with have a crazy training in singapore with all the elders of the entire mission. things are also pretty busy around these parts. i'm pretty excited for what the future holds for this mission. hopefully i'll get to meet a lot of the new people that have been coming into the mission. i have hardly met anyone that is younger than me. we've been getting tons of new guys and all the older ones have been going home. so singapore should be fun.

about your home teaching, that sounds pretty crazy. are the families you went to families that i know, or are they new into the ward? have there really been any changes in the wards population since i left, like people moving or new people moving in? i'm glad to hear you've been helping those families out. about the school coming up, i understand how you feel. but i just realized the other day, right after the school year ends, i come home. pretty crazy huh? when you have parties for the french club, eat lots of cheese for me. malaysia has no appreciation for cheese, and it makes me sick. haha. do you know what classes you will all be teaching this year? still lots of people wanting to take french?

anyways, i'm sorry i can never think of anything good to say when i email. i'm hoping that just one of these weeks i can send home a really good one, but it hasnt happened yet. there's always next week. talk to you then.
love, zac

hey ma.

well for the moment i'm still in sibu jaya. i was mistaken about the transfer by one week. so this sunday is my last day. theres actually been a sort of crazy development about the singapore trip i told you guys about. they are just having me take al my stuff to singapore with me. we have a 4 day conference not including travel days. so i wont get into kuching until the 27th. pretty nuts, huh? almost all the missionaries in my zone are flying out before church even. including my comp. so i'll have to find a member to hang around with me until i have to take my flight. i'm not exactly sure what we need a 4 day training on, but everyone in the entire mission is coming. that should be pretty nuts. i'm excited.

i am sad to leave, but i guess it's kind of different as a missionary. you go into an area knowing that some later time, you will be leaving the area. i'm sure the people i taught will do well. i really never thought once that i would go back to kuching. it's pretty crazy. it will be in a different area than i was in before. but actually, the entire district changed. they changed all the branch boundaries and created two new ones since last time i was there, so i dont know what it's like there anymore. who knows who i'll see when i get there. it should be fun. i'm hoping to make this experience in kuching better than my last one. last time i was so new and didnt know anything. we have a lot of people porjected for baptism this upcoming weekend, so i'm hoping we can pull it all together. the trip to singapore on sunday really threw a wrench in our plans, but i'm hoping we can salvage things. i'll write more about the people and what actually happened next week. we're hoping for a good last hoorah. the branch is still doing well. more callings going out. we had the teachers go to a seminar on teaching just yesterday and they all had a lot of fun. so that's nice. hopefully they learn how to make lesson plans and teach. it's all very new to them here.

that's pretty crazy glen and kenyon are going to college. i guess the world does just keep going while i'm away, huh? thanks for the news about home and for the pics. they are awesome. i'm glad temperatures are getting bearable for you. with all the rain we've been getting lately, it's been actually fairly cool. some people say this is supposed to be the dry season. it doesnt seem like anyone here knows what the weather is supposed to be like. anyways, i'm all rambled out for the week. not too much news. i will be sending a package with a few things that i've acquired that are too much for me to lug around malaysia, so i hope you guys dont mind. anyways, talk to you next week.
love, zac

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