Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another letter to his Mum, July 23,09

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> hey ma! how are you enjoyin things? haha taylins farewell talk was 5 min?? lame. mine was short too tho. it's crazy that he has less than a week til he gets here. i feel like ive been out for a while haha. but i still dont know much. this couple asked me and my companion where a building was, and we totally didnt know. unfortunately for us, it happened to be the building we were standing right next to. it was pretty ridiculous. but i feel like the language is goin pretty well. its weird, there are only two of us that try to speak. my companion is struggling, and so are a few other elders in my district. it's kind of weird that they just dont get it. i guess im lucky for having taken a language before the mission, so i kind of know how to learn a language. i see a lot of the other elders dont have very good study habits. so are you gonna make dad speak for an update on me if the bishop asks, or are you gonna do it? it's not really like there's anything to update on yet. it kind of feels like every day is the same here now. but the days are flying by. it's like every time i turn around it's preparation day again. preparation day is the best day of the week. it's pretty tough to study all day every day. ive started to get some back pain again so it's kinda not cool. i bought some alieve, i dont know if that's the stuff that you gave me. is alieve an anti inflamatory? i cant figure out how to tell. but anyways, ill get a letter off to you telling about my latest adventures later on today.
> love, elder Hill

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