Thursday, July 30, 2009

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hey dad
how's it going? how's the language you are developing coming? sorry i couldnt help you out with that more before i left. i just wanted to send you a letter to tell you that things are going well here and to thank you for the sweet package. the contents were delicious. what jared said was true tho. im 167 lbs now. i weighed like just under 160 when i weighed myself at brits house. life at the mtc is great. it's going really fast. today is preparation day, which is the best day. we get to go to the temple and all that and it's pretty sweet. also, gym is pretty sweet. the referral center is so much more intense now because instead of just asking if people received their items we have to teach them principles as much as we can and we have to try to teach them according to their needs. gotta go love elder hill

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> hey ma! it's been pretty darn sweet out here lately. it's hilarious about your situation with the humming birds. i dont know why we didnt think to just set your camera up in the first place. im sure you can tell jake to come over and take care of the other big birds that try to drink out of the humming bird feeder. he's pretty good at that i hear. so how's life for you? is it pretty sweet having nyssa back? what is nyss gonna do while you are in kentucky? oh also, i dont remeber seeing a model car. i didnt really throw much away, because dad told me to keep it and decide what to do with my stuff after i get back. but yeah, the language is still going pretty well. we've been teaching our progressing investigator all in indonesian, and its pretty intense. but its awesome because when the investigator asks questions, it really tests my ability to speak. it's crazy how much i feel i can speak after four weeks. i feel like i can understand the teachers pretty well, but sometimes they speak really fast and it gets all crazy. we have a teacher who is from indonesia, so it's pretty cool to hear him speak. he tells us people speak fairly fast over there, so it's gonna be a little tough. also, he said malay and indonesian are 75% the same, so it shouldnt be too bad. but the funniest thing is that my teachers tell me indonesians and malasians are really gullible. my teacher that went to indonesia for his mission told us he used to tell people that he was from indonesia and that the reason he was so white was that he lived in a mountain that always had clouds, so he never got sunlight and he said they believed him. so i think it should be pretty fun. anyways, i should probably get my laundry back to the room. ill get you a letter out with some pics later on today to tell you of my crazy antics.
> love ya mom.
> elder hill

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