Thursday, July 16, 2009

A letter to Zac's mom

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> Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 14:32:04 +0000
> hey ma! how's it goin! sorry i dont write that much. we can only write/ email once a week, so it's pretty non cool. anyways, everythings great up here. the time is flyin by pretty fast. i cant really keep track of what day it is very well. so how are things at home? is dad treatin you all right? haha. i dont remember if i already told you but i totally got to see the fireworks from the stadium of fire. but it was kinda late and i was really tired. plus it was kinda lame because the fireworks lasted like 10 min. and we got sprinkled on. it was crazy it rained like every day of my first week! i feel kind of like im getting a decent handle on the language tho. most of the guys in my district are pretty crappy at it, but there's this other kid who's pretty good so ive been trying to talk to him so we can get better. today while i was standing in line for breakfast i totally met this elder who was from malaysia so it was pretty cool. i talked to him for a little bit, but he had a pretty thick accent so i couldnt understand much of what he said. he told me that the work is going pretty well in malaysia, so it's pretty exciting!
> anyways, ill write you a snail mail letter today and fill you in on the rest of my crazy activities.
> love, elder hill

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