Thursday, July 2, 2009

Visiting Jared's family

We drove from Duchene to Eagle Mountain to visit Zac's oldest brother, Jared and his family. We drove into the parking lot and were visited by Makkenna, my first grandchild. She is such a sweetie. She took us up and made us feel welcomed. She got a new dog while we were there so we were entertained by the dominance displays of the cats and this little Chihuahua.

Jared served a mission eight years prior to this post and was a very effective and excelent missionary. He gave Zac, and us, an hour's lecture, but because of he interruptions of the others in the room (me and Amber) it took much longer. From that afternoon to later after the next post. Jared assisted me in giving Zac a father's blessing. Then we continued with Jared's lecture. What great advice he gave his little brother. And what sweet spirit was brought by Amber. We played Yoda for the rest of the evening.

My Nephew Scott was excited to hear his cousin, Zac, was headed for a life changing experience. He came to visit and they decided to continue to visit Jared now that they knew how close they lived! Cute wife and cute babie! I was happy to meet them after reading their blog.

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  1. aww I wish I could have been there to see the fam.