Thursday, July 9, 2009

letter #2 July 9th, 2009

This is the first email from Zac. Notice the address and send him letters if you want. But I suggest you send your letters to while he's in the MTC. That way he can read your letter while he eats and not during the short (1/2 hour) period he gets to email only once a week. And he'll be able to spend the whole 1/2 hour to write you.

hey it's Elder Hill!‏
From: Zachary Hill (

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Sent: Thu 7/09/09 6:49 AM
Hey dad

it's my preparation day so i get a chance to email you today. things have been
going prety well here. how have things been at home?

i dont know if i already told you, but my companion's name is Elder Larsen.
he's pretty cool i guess. it turns out he's from brigham city, utah, so i guess
i did get stuck with a kid from a small town. in fact, i think there are only
2 or 3 of us in my district who aren't from utah. it's crazy. my district is
pretty cool tho. there are 11 of us, which i hear is pretty big for a district.
all of us are going to singapore so it's pretty exciting. there is also another
district of indonesian speakers in our branch. 5 of them are going to indonesia
and the rest are going to singapore. i hear the work is starting to boom
in malaysia.

there's a group of malagasy speaking missionaries in our branch, but they
leave on monday and i hear yesterday in the new group of missionaries we
got a new district of missionaries going to mongolia.

the first half of a week seemed to go by pretty slow, but now that we are
into our regular schedule things are going by pretty fast. the language
classes are pretty awesome. it's exciting to finally be able to say more
than "there is a little boy on top of an air plane." i feel like i'm progressing
well, but it's hard to find time to study. it's pretty busy here and we're also
working on learning the discussions. we got to teach the first discussion to
people in our disctrict, and yesterday we went to a teaching evaluation where
we teach people who are role playing as investigators. that was pretty awesome.
both my companion and i froze once during the lesson, but the other companion
was able to come in and take over. it was a little rocky at first, but got
easier towards the end. when we were done, they gave us some advice and
told us how to make our lessons more effective. we also got to go to the
referral center where we called people who had ordered materials from the
church to see if they received it. that was pretty nerve racking at first
but while i got into it, it wasn't so bad. pretty much everyone in my district
was really nervous before we started.

so i can get pretty much everything i need from the book store they have here,
which is pretty sweet because i totally forgot to bring pens and paper.
and hangers. my clothes have been pretty wrinkly lately. they have an iron for us,
but it's a little outdated. it does all right, but i can't get all the
wrinkles out. and one of the shirts i brought is pretty much a tent on me.
it's ridiculous how big it is. i dont know how that happened but it was
pretty hilarious when i put it on. i guess that's what i get for not tryng
on all my shirts before i left.

well my time is pretty much up for today. i totally forgot to bring the letter
where nyssa told me the email addresses to the computer room and yours is the
only i remember, so make sure mom gets to read this. haha. anyways, i love you
all and i'll probably get a letter sent out some time later today.

Love, Elder Hill


  1. Nice to know that he's so busy.

    ((you put the date as January 9th instead of July))

  2. hahah yeah I'm glad Zac is doing well! and I was sad I didn't get an email but that's okay